You may have heard of a play called “Stick Fly” that has been performed within the last few years in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C. It is now on its way to the Broadway stage, with music composition by Alicia Keys. But who is the woman behind this story called “Stick Fly”? Her name is Lydia Diamond and, not only is she a playwright, but she is also a faculty member at The University of Boston. A beautiful, intelligent and inspiring woman, she lends this story to us as a funny, yet insightful observation of race and class within and outside of the Black community.

Black Enterprise caught up with Diamond for an interview. One of my favorite things she said regarding how to get more diverse voices heard the theater is this:

We have to demand to see more images of us on stage and the way we do that is by going to the theater. We have been doing that. Part of the movement that has happened on Broadway is that Black audiences have spoken up by going to the theater and showing the money in our pockets can go to and want to go to quality theater that reflects who we are in interesting and different ways.

I am 100% on board with that. It is a beautiful thing the have our true voices heard and witness our true lives lived on the stage. Thank you to Lydia Diamond and all of those producing work of great and interesting substance for our community. Let’s keep on supporting and keep this movement up!

Check out her interview with Black Enterprise here.

Playwright and Professor Lydia Diamond

Playwright and Professor Lydia Diamond

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